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Concure WB

Concure WB is a water based concrete curing compound based on a low viscosity wax emulsion. It is supplied as a white emulsion which forms a clear film on drying.

When first applied to a fresh cementitious surface the emulsion breaks to form a continuous, non-penetrating white coating.

This dries to form a continuous clear film which provides a barrier to moisture loss, ensuring more efficient cement hydration, improved durability, and reduced shrinkage.


Improved curing of concrete enhances cement hydration and provides a more durable concrete

Control of moisture loss improves surface quality, reducing permeability, producing a hard wearing, dust-free surface and minimizing potential for surface cracking and shrinkage

Fugitive color provides visual guide during application

Water based, therefore, non-flammable

Spray application reduces labor costs and eliminates the need for alternative curing

Full Product Range – http://www.fosroc.com/products/by-solution/admixtures/precast-concrete/


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    I heard about your products. I’m trying to learn more about them and looking forward to working with you.

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