Conplast SP430

Conplast SP430 is a chloride free, super plasticizing admixture based on selected sulfonated naphthalene polymers. It is supplied as a brown solution which instantly disperses in water.



To provide excellent acceleration of strength gain at early ages and major increases in strength at all ages by significantly reducing water demand in a concrete mix.

Particularly suitable for precast concrete and other high early strength requirements.

To significantly improve the workability of site mixed and precast concrete without increasing water demand.

To provide improved durability by increasing ultimate strengths and reducing concrete permeability.



Major increases in strength at early ages without increased cement contents are of particular benefit in precast concrete, allowing earlier stripping times.

Makes possible major reductions in water: cement ratio which allows the production of high strength concrete without excessive cement contents.

Use in the production of flowing concrete permits easier construction with quicker placing and compaction and reduced labor costs without increasing water content.

Increased workability levels are maintained for longer than with ordinary sulfonated melamine admixtures.

Improved cohesion and particle dispersion minimizes segregation and bleeding and improves permeability.

Chloride free, safe for use in prestressed and reinforced concrete.





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