EKOBIT Self-Adhesive Sealing Tapes

Ekobit is a bituminous self-adhesive waterproofing tape protected by a metal film in aluminum or copper, natural or colored, reinforced with a polyester film.

The adhesive bituminous compound is protected until use by a silicone release film.



Versatile and easy to use

They are cold applied in a simple and quick way. No special tools are required.

They are available in different thicknesses and a broad range of widths and lengths.

The different colors ensure the very best aesthetic result every time.

Safe over the years

The special metal film protects the compound from aging caused by all factors that could compromise integrity: gas, light and UV rays.

Correctly applied, the Ekobit tapes offer long-lasting repair and waterproofing.


Ekobit tapes feature anti-tear metal film that makes them particularly sturdy.

The bituminous compound is self-sealing: in the case of small tears or accidental holes, the tape seals itself and remains waterproof.




For protecting: metal, plastic, asbestos cement, roofs and coverings in general.

For sealing: frames and skylights, parapets, glass and plastic structures.

For repairing: tiles, gutters, metal pipes, metal plate or asbestos cement roofs.



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