ForTex Uni-Axial

ForTex Uni-Axial Geogrids, are high strength geogrids, specifically developed for uniaxial requirements in various civil engineering applications. These geogrids are manufactured with the method of weaving polyester micro yarns in rectangular shape and coating with PVC. They provide high performance through a sewing method specially designed to be more resistant at the node points.


ForTex Uni-Axial Geogrids, are woven type geogrids having significantly higher tensile stress in one direction compared to the tensile stress in the opposite direction.


Fields of Application and Usage

ForTex Uni-Axial Geogrids are used in the applications such as retaining structure systems (GeoArme) equipped with slope stabilization requiring the strength in one direction.


Reinforced retaining structure systems (GeoArme Retaining Structure Systems) having the fast and economical application possibilities, secure seismic behavior, flexible structure, resistant to subsidence and aesthetic appearance are generally used in the following areas:


Expanding works in divided roads

Approach walls of the crossover roads

Expropriation areas

Works for saving space

Bridge-edge foot walls

Bridge elevation walls

Park and garden walls





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