İzoTeknik Non-Woven 1500

İzoTeknikNon-Woven Geotextiles are a non-woven textile product in dark color which is manufactured by the method of knitting the pure polyester-based fibers much thinner than a millimeter and executing heat treatment.


Fields of Application and Usage

For filtering

It is used as in-between filter material to prevent the fine material from blocking pores of other material or avoid formation of washing phenomenon in the cases where coarse and fine materials are used together for the engineering applications.


İzoTeknik which are recommended as filtering and bearing material for control and direction of the water effectively is used in the following areas.


French drainage channel

Perforated pipe coverings

Vertical applications such as tunnel and retaining wall

Seaside buildings

For Separation

In the buildings considered to be constructed on the poor grounds, it is used under the foundation and stabilizes the ground and reduces the various unexpected subsidence.

In coastal buildings, it is used as filter and bedding material in order to prevent the displacement of filler due to the wave action. It effectively separates the coarse and fine filter material used in filler.

For Protection

Thanks to its high puncture resistance; it protects the underlying materials against impacts by being used on thermal insulating boards for terrace roof applications, allows different operations of the materials and prevents the flow of cement slurry down.


It is used on the building foundations to preserve water insulation applications thanks to its pressure distribution effect.

It protects the geo-membranes used on open fields against any tear or impairment arising from puncture and excessive friction.

It is used as insulation protective, water and moisture retention in green roof systems.

The geotextile brought on the treated surface in roll should be spread on the stretch for complete contact with the surface. In order to prevent slippage of the geotextile during the filling process, it should be applied under the previous geotextile with an overlap of 25 cm minimum.





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