Life Jacket

Fosroc Life Jacket is designed to provide a cost effective, reliable method of reinstating and Cathodically Protecting severely exposed reinforced concrete / structural steel elements. Fosroc Life Jacket is composed of a prefabricated fiberglass jacket lined with expanded zinc mesh conforming to ASTM B69-01a for A190 alloy. The zinc mesh is connected to the steel reinforcement to provide the required protective current to the steel. Once in place, the jackets are filled with a Fosroc Approved grout, thus effect necessary concrete repair fixing the jacket in place.

The system is ‘self-powered’ and regulates its current output according to its operating environment. Fosroc Life Jacket is able to provide sufficient performance to satisfy the 100mV potential shift requirement for effective ‘Cathodic Protection’ as specified under NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) Standard RP 0290-90.

Fosroc Life Jacket can be supplied in rectangular, circular, square, flat or custom formats to suit most substrate profiles, providing flexibility throughout.





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