Nitoflor FC140

Nitoflor FC140 is a solvent based epoxy floor coating. It provides a hard wearing, easily cleaned, attractive floor coating in industrial areas where high resistance to chemical attack is required.

Suitable for use in production assembly areas, workshops, dairies, soft drinks production and bottling plants, breweries, kitchens, showrooms, etc. Particularly suitable in wet working areas and where chemical spillage is likely, e.g. plating shops, processing plants, dye works, etc.

Nitoflor FC140 can also be used as a coating and sealer for Cemtop industrial and commercial cementitious flooring systems. Refer to Cemtop data sheet for details.

Hard wearing — durable, low maintenance costs

High resistance to a wide range of industrial chemicals

Hygienic — impervious finish provides easily cleaned surface

Attractive — available in a range of colors to improve the working environment





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