Nitoflor TF5000

Nitoflor TF5000 is a three part solvent-free combination of epoxy resin; modified amine hardener filled with specially graded and selected high crushing strength, chemically inert aggregates.

It is laid by trowel as a durable chemical resistant screed approximately 5 mm thick. This nominal thickness provides an impervious topping which is highly chemical resistant by the very careful choice of amine curing agent and graded aggregate. The system includes Nitoprime Primer, a two pack epoxy resin primer and Nitoflor TF5000 which are both supplied in pre-weighed units ready for on site mixing and application.

Durable: Exceptional resistance to abrasion and a wide range of chemicals.

Non-slip: Good gripping surface to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

5 mm minimal thickness: No interference with existing levels.

Easily laid: Designed for easy laying to a fair finish.

Seamless: Eliminates potential sources of failure.

Proven performance: Successful use proven in a wide variety of aggressive locations.

Locally made: Specially formulated for use in Middle East conditions.





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