Nitomortar FC


Nitomortar FC is an epoxy fairing coat for concrete. It is supplied as a two-component thixotropic material based on high-quality solvent-free epoxy resin systems. The color coded material is supplied in pre-weighed quantities ready for on-site mixing and use.

Nitomortar FC can be applied to damp surfaces and quickly cures to form a completely impermeable surface ready for overcoating.

Nitomortar FC can be applied up to 5 mm thickness on vertical and overhead locations in a single application without the use of formwork. Greater thicknesses than those specified can be achieved by application of subsequent layers.

For higher build characteristics to vertical or overhead locations, Nitomortar HB is recommended.


Non-slump can be applied to vertical surfaces and trowelled into blow-holes

Superior bond strength to virtually all substrates

Smooth paste consistency is easy to apply and finish

Reduced usage of subsequent coating

Pre-weighed components ensure consistency





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