Powder Waterproofing Cement


POWLOG is a high quality, water-repellent powder admixture used for water and damp proofing in plaster, screed and concrete applications.

Fields of Application

Suitable for interior and exterior plaster and screed applications,

In wet volumes such as bathroom, kitchen, balcony etc.

In prefabricated and precast building elements,

In basements, cesspool, gallery, foundation, curtain wall,

In water and waste water tanks,

In water treatment plant,

In pools.

Features and Benefits

Provides heat economy by protecting concrete from wetting.

Non-corrosive. Protects the iron rebar found in the building structure from rust and decay.

Non-toxic. Safely used into the water tanks.

Water vapor permeable. It allows the building to breath.

Easy to apply.

Does not harm for human health and environment.

Application Procedure

Application Method

Fresh cement and POWLOG must be mixed firstly. Then, sand aggregate are poured into the powders. Water is slowly added into the powder mixture at finally. All ingredients are mixed until homogenous mixture is obtained.


1 bag (50 kg) of cement required 1 Package (500 g) of POWLOG.





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