Proofex Engage

Proofex Engage is a pre-applied membrane which mechanically bonds to poured concrete.

This unique patented waterproof membrane system incorporates a cell mesh, bonded to a blended polyethylene/polypropylene membrane, which allows poured concrete to interlock, forming a tenacious mechanical bond.

Proofex Engage provides water, water vapor and gas protection to water excluding structures and protects concrete from aggressive ground salts, chemicals, and hydrocarbons.

Proofex Engage is supplied with a self-adhesive selvage along one side of the roll to provide sealed laps and a comprehensive range of auxiliary products to simplify the application process.


Proofex Engage is BBA approved and Green Label approved.

Unique mesh system bonds permanently to concrete, remaining in place even if settlement takes place

Smart anti-tracking design prevents water tracking between membrane and concrete

Simple and quick to install – no protection film to remove

Basement waterproofing protection to grades 1, 2 and 3 as defined in BS 8102:2009

Methane and CO2 protection as defined in BRE Report 212

Radon protection as defined in BRE Report 211

BBA certification

Protects concrete from attack from chemicals, hydrocarbons and aggressive ground salts in contaminated sites

Simple application – requires no primer or protection, and blinding concrete may be eliminated

Inert product – no risk of a reaction with ponded water prior to concrete being poured

Membrane composition gives excellent flexibility for detailing, combined with high durability and toughness for site trafficking.





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